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in russia's energy sector if sanctions against his country persist. putin spoke the day after the u.s. and europe expanded the list of travel bans and asset freezes. he said there was no need for counter sanctions for now but he said that could change. one u.s. firm with a lot at stake is exxonmobil. it has very deep financial ties to russia's energy company. and on monday the u.s. added it to the list of russian facing sanctions. so far exxon's deal is not in jeopardy, but it under scores the modern best. policies does not always mesh with the interests of companies. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin a picture of cooperation that continues despite escalating tensions over the crisis in ukraine. since 2011 exxonmobil has substantially strengthened it's ties with rosneft with a gas plant in the far east, developed oil fracking sites and joint $3.2 billion project to hunt for oil in the blacks sea and russian russian arctic waters. the trade access to billions of barrels of oil for engineering expertise. >> basically exxon is going to russia because of the opportunities th
the google driverless to the ford ultralight and around the world, russia may not be on the best speaking terms with the u.s. but north korea is a different story. the battle for content and media is told by media these -- disney ceo bob iger. we are going to kick it off -- the owner of the l.a. clippers allegedly said something that was downright ugly. >> that was audio released over the weekend by tmz. the man's voice was attributed to donald sterling and he was having an argument with his girlfriend at the time. he has neither admitted nor denied it is his voice but the clippers say those are not his views. many people have spoken otherwise. >> there is absolutely no place in the nba family for ignorance, intolerance, reprehensible comments that are unacceptable and not fitting for what this league is all about. >> he's got to come down hard. he should not own the team anymore. >> there's no room in this game for a owner like that. >> he cannot -- he must pay a social price for his attempt to turn back the clock on race relations. >> donald sterling should be dealt with severely if the
to supplant the rest of the world and doing so in a big way as well as building up their own military. russia is a powerful force in the world which we need to deal with as a major country, a major nation. major countries have their interests. i do not see what's going on in outcome of the communist ideology but instead you have a very important international power there, russia, that is governed by someone who is looking out for its national interests and who that leadership of that country obviously believes that what was going on in ukraine was contrary to their national interests and that they were not being treated fairly in a way in which a pro-russian leader was removed from office by street violence rather than by elections, which in their o result losing -- what they had was access to crimea and a port for their fleet. that said, i'd like to go back to the original purpose that we came here today, to talk about arms control and how that will inimpacted by this new shift our relations with russia and i say that no matter what i should have said the bottom line is, it is in recognitio
and then to baghdad, libya, syria, russia and what other nation. then cock the hammer. if they don't do what we demand, start the war drums. this is the geronimo talk before the stupid ti of iraq. since vietnam the lines has been pushed. if a country fails to act the way we'd like we start war talk. we are one thumb to nose away from battle. this is the world of dick cheney, the american enterprise institute and the killers of the keyboard, chicken hawks who send otherses to battle while they man the op-ed pages. president obama did a great job in calling them out for what they are. warriors without swords, hawks without wings. patriots by the page, soldiers of the sound bite. that's "hardball." thanks for joining us. "all in with chris hayes" starts now. >>> effective immediately, i am banning mr. sterling for life from any association with the clippers organization or the nba. mr. sterling may not attend any nba games or practices. he may not be present at any clippers facility and he may not participate in any business or player personnel decisions involving the team. >> good evening from new york.
. pro-russia activists smashed their way into the regional administration building and -- in luhansk. with the windows broken, the crowd could climb in. of theirade no secret political sympathies. these are supporters of moscow who reject ukraine's pro eu government, which they see as illegitimate. a they are devising referendum on breaking away from kiev. it was not long before the governor's office had a new receptionist. the intruders are determined to stay. as for the police, they did nothing to stop this. they left the building without fighting back. >> the overwhelming majority of law enforcement bodies in the east are incapable of fulfilling their duty to defend our citizens. all the representatives of the services who are unable to fulfill their professional duties will be fired. >> for days now, pro-russian haves, some heavily armed, been seizing government buildings and police stations across the nation. the west accuses russia of stoking separatist sentiment here and escalating tension. today, the eu announced new sanctions against moscow. asset freezes against 15 individu
invited under the vienna document, in which russia is a signatory and we're very hopeful that they will be released some time soon. >> do you blame just pro-russian demonstrators in eastern ukraine, ambassador, or do you blame russia itself? >> absolutely not. this is not something that is spontaneous or random. we've been very clear that there's strong evidence that this is a coordinated, kremlin coordinated, series of events, the takeover of the building in luhansk that we heard about a moment ago, i heard a journalist describe it as taking place with military efficiency. that's not an accident. the kremlin is coordinating this. this would not be happening without the kremlin's involvement. >> julia, what's your analysis? >> i think he's absolutely right, especially with what happened in kiev, which the russians are constantly asking us and inviting us to do, equating the movements in eastern ukraine, the pro-russian movements in eastern ukraine and what happened in kiev. it was guys with bats and shin guards. they didn't have this kind of weaponry, didn't have this kin
sanctions against russia, but they have not flown across eastern ukraine. more than a pro russian pargeterprotesters storm headqus armed with baseball bats. barnaby phillips with the late latest. >> reporter: the pro-russian crowd swept into the government building unopposed. despite widespread rumors that the takeover was imminent, the police did nothing. they did refuse to hand their weapons over. then chi they were escorted awa. pro-russian groups want to hold a referendum in early may, but in order for that vote to be credible they need a large enough area under their authority. that is what is driving them on at the moment. but how fair would such a vote be? roman runs a news website in don estk. we'll go to his office. he's taking down the name plaque and staff who are too afraid to come here after a group of masked men came with baseball bats who said they should report more favorbly on the people's republic of donestk. >> i have one colleague who has received death threats. he has fled to kiev. >> reporter: some of those opposed to russia say they have enough. this video a
and around the world, russia may not be on the best speaking terms with the u.s. but north korea is a different story. the battle for content and media is told by media these -- disney ceo bob iger. we are going to kick it off --
is allowing drillers to get at these previously unaccessible reserves. >> the u.s. just passed russia as number two. we are going to pass saudi arabia, we are going to be number one. >> there's so much interest in more domestic production, so many more jobs are being created. i think they've run out of workers. i'm not even sure we can build their roads fast enough to help us get this production under way. it is revitalizing the manufacturing base of america. >> i'm adam scott. we're a registered investment advisor and we invest in oil and gas ships on behalf of our clients. so what are the benefits of fracking? well, it's going to save america's youth from the burden of debt built up by their parents and their grandparents. fracking and the energy industries are going to create an additional 3.5 million jobs by 2020. >> but it is not that simple. there are many real concerns of the impact on our environment and these need to be addressed. >> ♪ one day i lit a match and the water caught on fire i thought about a lawsuit then stumbled upon the fact that fracking is exempted from the
. >> intel is producing taped conversation of intelligence operatives take their orders from russia, moscow, and everybody can tell the difference in the accents, and in the idioms and in the language, and so forth. and we know exactly who is giving these orders, we know where they are coming from. >> he's also heard describing his counterpart of of russia. >>> still ahead, it's really true. political ads going positive. we'll tell you why. first, she refused to tell congress what she knows about the irs targeting of conservative groups. now lois lerner's lawyers say they want to talk instead. >>> a former u.s. irs bureaucrat who refuses to talk to congress, lawyers want to talk to congress. it's an attempt to avoid a contempt citation for targeting conservative groups. >> reporter: are the house expected to vote as early as next week to hold former irs official lois lerner in cop temt of -- contempt of congress. her attorney sent a letter to john boehner requesting he be allowed to speak to the house? >> that's not the american way and that's not what's going to happen. >> in his letter, h
of these cities. >> woodruff: russia still has thousands of its own troops massed near ukraine's eastern border. the state department defended secretary john kerry today, over comments that israel could become an apartheid state, unless there's peace with the palestinians. he said it friday, warning israel could wind up with two classes of citizens. in a statement last night, kerry conceded: if i could rewind the tape, i would have chosen a different word. a spokeswoman said today any suggestion that kerry is anti-israel is "completely absurd." the supreme court has upheld federal efforts to stop power plant emissions from blowing across state lines. by six to two today, the justices re-instated a rule adopted in 2011. it requires plants in 27 midwestern and appalachian states to limit pollution that blows downwind to other states. a lower court had blocked the rule from taking effect. house speaker john boehner tried today to smooth ruffled republican feathers, over immigration reform. the dust-up began last week when boehner addressed the immigration issue during an appearance in his home dis
's oldest and closest relationships in asia with talks with the philippines. russia continued to muscle ukraine, syria is set to turn over the last of its chemical weapons but continues to kill civilians with hayes, and he returns to washington empty hasn'ted with thhanded with tale and israel. >>> in crisis around the world in the past five years did the u.s. get the approach that the president wanted? that's the "inside story." let's recap by looking at the u.s. in the world during the obama years. >> reporter: u.s. president barack obama headed home after a week-long visit to four asian nations. the trip was part of the president's promise to strength solidarity and trade. >> today the philippines welcomed president obama. >> reporter: but in the news conference along side the filipino president, a reporter brought more to the surface than planned. >> as you end this trip, i don't think i have to remind you there have been unflattering reminders of your foreign policy. >> reporter: unscripted reminder of the president's modest successes abroad. >> typically criticism of our foreign p
security person is here. >> a few hours ago. the security council met to discuss militants. >> russia nairing back with penalties. russian president vladimir putin warned russia may block western participation in the multi billion dollar energy center. the war of words matched more and more by violence on the ground. this, say u.s. officials is not what deescalation looks like. ups of pro russian protesters, seizing yet another ukrainian government building in the east. local riot police tried and failed to diffuse the standoff. u.s. officials say every day there is growing evidence that russia is orchestrating the unrest even as russian officials repeatedly deny it. >> they somehow want to assert that these people moving in disciplined military formation to take over buildings and then bring the local separatists in to occupy the building while they move on to another building. they assert that these people are merely local activists. as we have made clear, those kinds of claims are absurd. they defy any common sense. >> with moscow continuing to brush off american and european econo
russia and ukraine, a mere 34% approve. what does this does all add up to by a 53 to 39% margin voters say they would rather see republicans to counter obama's policies. are we seeing another set up for the gop like we saw in 2010? independents are more willing to vote for candidates who are against obamacare. they need to go out and be proud of obamacare and they should be using this as a message? what about the independent numbers? >> they are definitely important and i hope they run on obamacare car. i don't think that they will. i think it's really what's the message of the administration. i mean typically presidents don't do as well in the polling in their second term, this isn't a huge surprise to geeks who follow the numbers like you and i. i question what's the message, one minute it's birth control for women, and then red line he's not going to be enforce, then he's talking about the nba. what's the message of this administration? it seems like a ping-pong ball. on obamacare, it touches every single household and women that they are so convinced they have a monday noply on are
the u.s. secretary says sanctions against russia are working. they have not slowed dissent across ukraine. protesters occupy buildings in one of the largest cities in the east. more than 1,000 storm buildings armed with baseball bats and opened fire on police headquartersers. >> reporter: a day after washington announced a new round of sanctions, brussels linked the names of 15 linked to event in ukraine that it targets. nine are russian, ipp clueing demimry kozak who oversaw the crimea region into russia's federation. >> the e.r. u operator, and the defence minister in charge of the drops on the border. deputy foreign minister says:. >> the american list goes further, including companies and individuals, but stops short of targetting firms like rosnest, the oil giant, simply placing a ban and freeze on its director. now, russia will only feel the effect if there are further sanctions hitting the financial and energy sectors here. things which could hurt europe's interests as well. >> this mostly looks like political gestures, rather than any actions which can really jeopardise -
from russia and venezuela and you go down the list. what's at stake here is that the people who object to this pipeline -- i don't doubt their sincerity -- they would not allow us to buy oil from anybody or explore for oil here at home. the people objecting to this pipeline do not have an all-the-the-above approach when it comes to emergency energy f. you left it up to them -- energy. if you left it up to them we'd be doing windmills, solar, no nuclear power. so the president of the united states has turned this issue over to the most extreme people in the country when it comes to politics. they're trumping the unions. they're trumping the speaker, the former presiding officer. they are locking down developing an energy source that we need as a nation, and i just really regret that the president's let them take over this issue at a time when we need more oil from friendly people and less oil from people who hate our guts. dirty oil to me is buying oil from people who will take the proceeds and share it with terrorists. this oil content from canada is slightly greater in carbon content
if the europeans had another option rather than depending on russia for its energy, that would be a very big reason-but nevertheless they're saying this isn't about jobs. this is about oil companies getting richer. you say what? >> the state department says there will be 20,000 direct jobs created by this. these are working-class jobs, people with better wages and better benefits, whose children will go to better school and whose future for the family will be brighter for darryl hannah to minimize the impact on those families to show incredible sensitivity to a group of americans having a very hard time now. she can fuss with the state department. it's the state department says this is about at least 20,000 direct jobs. >> congressman, good seeing you again. senator landrieu, if you're watching, you're always invited to come on. >>> severe storms moving across the south at this hour. forcing thousands of evacuations. are we looking at the same today? we are on it, all over it. >> go! now. >> what? >> now! we need it right away! we cannot let the fans down. don't worry! the united states postal serv
was struggling with what to began talking to about, and i think russia is the best place. how much resolve is there in europe to deal with than -- vladimir putin on ukraine? >> there is resolve. degreesto different because of objective the oilces, including and gas imports from russia. this is not the first policy tension. i detect a much stronger to try to cope with this with more coordination. >> how far is europe willing to go? >> in the immediate, it is a and howf the sanctions it will be measured in terms of the economic sacrifices for europe, but i think this ukraine has a much broader and is thatessage, which europe is no longer in a comfortable state of mind that it is living in a secure place, and this, i believe after the european elections to be held at the end of may will be a powerful accelerator of the countries willing to put their act together. >> is that to say that the question of how to respond in ukraine will be an important issue in those elections? >> it will be an important issue in those elections, which are, nonetheless, dominated by others . taking a bit of distan
. >> charlie: because russia has the veto. yes? s>> so far, we have nearly 700,000 refugees in our country. about 200,000 of them live in tents and 500,000 of them live in the cities and we have so far spent $3.5 billion for them. the support from other countries where the effort is $150 million, out of which $50 million came from saudi arabia, 25 million from the u.n. and others from a number of countries. but the total amount we've spent so far is $3.5 billion because we host them, we provide food, education, we try to provide assistance to these people, and we want the west to be heard as well. we should be in closer solidarity with the united states in this for example, but we're unable to do this. nothing came out of the geneva talks. we are together with a number of countries in nato. we have a partnership with the u.s. so all those relationships ought to mean something. there are lots of people who are internally displaced, millions, and there are almost 200,000 people who have died. doing nothing and just watching is unacceptable. where is the u.n.? where is the u.s.? where are all
are trying to take on u.s. type rules and regulations to make it easier to be accredited investor. russia is not yet on the list. >> thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us. the cofounder of canyon. i will send it back to you. >> thank you both so much. one of the top stories that we have been following this afternoon, the press conference from the commissioner of the national basketball association saying that the voice heard on the tape making racist comments was in fact that of the owner of the los angeles clippers donald sterling. he has been banned for life. commissioner silver says he will seek a 75% approval from the board of directors to take that franchise away from mr. sterling. we continue to follow the story and give you more details as soon as we get them. headlines onhe, streaming on your tablet. thank you for joining us. i will see you tomorrow. >> it is 56 past the hour, time to check the markets. let's take a look at where stocks are trading, about an hour left until the end of the session. the nasdaq up 8/10 of one percent as technology leads th
nations are not dependent on russia for the majority of their energy. in this age of new energy markets, in this age of concern about global climate change and carbon overload we ought to be able to rush to the ability to be able to make europe less dependent. and if we do that, that will be one of the greatest single strategic differences that could be made here. we can deliver greater energy independence and help to diversify energy sources that are available to the european markets, and we can expand the energy infrastructure across europe, and we could build up energy storage capacity throughout the continent. third, we have to invest in the underpinnings of our economic partnership. we aring to, europe and the united states -- together, europe and the united states, two of the largest marketplaces in the world, and fact is we can seriously accelerate growth and job creation and serve as a buffer to any negative impacts of some of the steps we need to take if we move on both sides of the atlantic rapidly to complete the transatlantic trade and investment partnership. that agreement
to provide a limited amount of natural gas to ukraine and russia decides to cut supply while the deal could help soften the blow if russia cut gas supplies amid the crisis between the two countries the agreement is not its far reaching and clear thinking of adults under the deal slovakia will make technical adjustments to an old unused pipeline to ship about eight to nineteen cubic meters of gas. starting in the autumn larger than a taste of the crimean peninsula and the continuing turmoil in ukraine teeth set up the most serious beef with prices since the cold war and raised the possibility of a gas crisis in europe the united states slapped sanctions against them or what officials and seventy merchant company linked to russian president but the report in the mood of the latest attempt to punish moscow court intervention in ukraine a charge denied by russian official the white house said the seven russians who include the nurse jen head of russia's major oil company ross nap and a close ally of them are now subject to a freeze on any assets they hold in the united states and a ban on us tr
a great eye and is one of russia's biggest rail transport to the boil is also on the sanctions list another time this is as gm group and major gas pipeline built up under one on costumes main contract is it a wedding is around ten million dollars and tony martin the former you can constitute russia needs the actions of counterproductive. what's in it to the summit county diplomatic norms and helpful i think it helps if the rhetoric it's going to the speaker. washington has not helped the two sides to find agreement and i try to rush job is to have a good day at the bottom of time he'll be the masters of the road since steve country i think an approach which concentrated more on class discussions with russia with russia point here is a corporation like to be more successful. and you can watch tony brennan was going to be that fast and reliable fully washington's needs the eu has also acted as his morning staple on plants. how wonderful to be short on russian companies. the lake and the money. khamenei said trade between china and the wife mom to two twenty seven billion dollars in tw
headlines on the global front from western powers imposing new sanctions against russia. the deadly attack in the heart of syriac when i go to our party at the new santa paula star with the crisis in ukraine the united states and european union have slapped fresh sanctions against russia. what is the scope of these new sanctions. will this new package of sanctions turds dozens of key individuals in russia the weather they will have a bigger impact in the situation in ukraine remains to be seen. the white house said it expanded asset freezes and these advances seven russian government officials as well seventeen companies thing to present clinton's inner circle the european union also banned fifteen more russian officials from entering the twenty eight nation bloc and prose or assets as well these are people who are responsible for actions against a victorian integrity independence. in so many teeth of ukraine. thompson has just been adopted to the sedation still not one decent east of people tied to its essence present rather than we have been told to twenty eight games. russia's deputy fo
: welcome back, everybody. my guest tonight is the former u.s. ambassador to russia. or crimea. it's hard to tell at this point. please welcome ambassador michael mcfaul. (applause) mr. ambassador thank you so much for coming on. now ambassador that say great title. you get to hold on to that even if you are not ambassador any more? >> technically but now i'm professor. >> stephen: your excellency. >> if you want to call me that, that would be happy. >> stephen: that is really nice. i would have cards printed up. okay. now as i said you were former u.s. ambassador to russia. an architect of president obama's reset policy there. i hear that term a lot. what does reset mean? because we seem like we're reset to the cold war with russia. >> which i'm in favor of, what was the intention of our reset with russia? >> well back in 200 when president obama used that term the first time, the idea was very simple. that we have some common interest with russia. and if we engage with them f we talk to them we can achieve those outcomes so getting rid of nuclear weapons, sanctions on iran, supplying ou
to those that were polled by "usa today" that said sanction russia but don't arm ukraine, that is what they found out in this poll. >> guest: i disagree. sanctions i don't believe are ever going to work because we'll never have a unified regime of sanctions that are going to have enough teeth where it doesn't hurt western interests as bad. and so we'll never have the types of sanctions. you need sanctions in an, in types of countries that can't bite back. sanctions work good, i think, in north korea, potentially iran. i think it's much more difficult against an economy as large as russia. again, nobody's calling for a u.s. or nato combat troops on the ground to engage, but we are talking about providing some pretty good defensive weaponry, things like antitank weapon, that type of thing, to change putin's calculus so he doesn't mass a full-fledged invasion. give the ukrainian people a chance to stabilize their government, stabilize their country. >> host: i also want to ask you about what secretary of state john kerry said about the mideast peace process. your colleague, senator ted cr
western interim government. the us department of defence says it has received assurances that russia will not invade and ukraine the statement says russian defense minister sergei showing the baby promise to his us counterpart truck a golden phone call russian troops have recently carried out major exercises to ukraine's border. choi to explain to go with your presence is due to concerns about possible violence in eastern ukraine. he said ukrainian authorities could use force to harm civilians readers of the us and the european union are urging present but the report him to hold what they called russian intervention in ukraine the white house spokesperson j carty said russia has not only failed to meet its commitments but as escalating the crisis. russian diplomats had agreed in geneva this month to help de escalate tensions in eastern ukraine carney also the administration will apply sanctions to seven more russian officials. seoul the seventeenth of april institutions and energy firms leaders in europe added fifteen names to their sanctions list those targeted will face travel bans
russia, today europe is following suit but nothing so far as stopped scenes like this in donetsk where pro-russian militants attacked a pro-kiev unity rally. more today from my exclusive interview with treasury secretary jack lew. >> these are very important sanctions. they are sanctions that will get their attention. >> war of words. secretary of state john kerry backtracks about using the a word apartheid to describe a future israeli state if the palestinians don't become a separate nation but admitting he chose the wrong word hasn't quieted his loudest critics. >> before any further harm is do to our national security interest and critical alliance with israel that john kerry should offer president obama his resignation. >> judgment day, what will be the cost for clippers owner donald sterling after making racist comments? we'll find out this afternoon. >> if nothing happened you can boycott in the offseason, not just the clippers b s but the w league has to. if he's not thrown out, you have to do something. >>> good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. we're facing another day o
today. hundreds of pro-russian separatists storming the building today. meanwhile russia is criticizing the sanctions imposed by the u.s. and eu, but the west says those sanctions are needed because russia is destabilizing ukraine. the white house contains to maintain there will be no military involvement on the part of the u.s. >> typically criticism of our foreign policy has been directed at the failure to use military force. and the question i think i would have is why is it that everybody is so eager to use military force after we have just gone through a decade of war at enormous costs to our troops and to our budget. >> meanwhile the mayor of kharkiv now being treated at a hospital in high fa, israel. he was shot in the back. officials say he is currently in a medically induced coma. >>> secretary of state john kerry saying he has hoped for a deal in peace talks today, but both sides remain bitterly divided. nick schifrin is in jers lem, and the u.s. is saying this is just a pause, but are we actually seeing the end of any line? >> well, as you know, it's never really the end of t
decision, not a scientific one. this is politics at its mouth here. stuart: russia's vladimir putin. why don't we -- why don't we in america approve the export of liquefied natural gas? that would give us a great deal of leverage on energy over vladimir putin. >> absolutely. another example how our president does not understand that having a strong domestic economy, strong domestic energy policy translates into leverage on the geopolitical scale internationally because we could reduce russia's revenue from exporting their liquid natural gas by getting into the market. we could reduce that by 30% and keep in mind that 50% of russia's tax base comes from the sale of oil and natural gas but to many of our friends and allies in western europe. stuart: the president obviously knows this coming knows that if we export big time to europe we get leverage over vladimir putin. he knows this, why does he keep denying -- is it 23 permits that are on the table at the moment for the export of liquefied natural gas that are being held up? the president knows what is going on. why does he hold it up? >>
there in pieces. so what do you do now? >> one-two punch. after the u.s. expands sanctions against russia, today europe is following suit but nothing so far as stopped scenes like this in donetsk where pro-russian militants attacked a pro-kiev
hospital. the suspect is dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> russia hit with new sanctions in the ongoing international pressure to stop moscow to keep from further military intervention in ukraine. 15 people will face travel bands and asset freezes including russia's deputy prime minister and military chief. this comes after the u.s. announced sanctions targeting 17 companies which washington says are linked to president vladimir putin's inner circle. >>> an investigation under way to determine why a plane caught on fire just minutes after takeoff in perth, australia. the pilot shut off the engine and returned to the airport. the plane was able to land safely. it's not clear yet what sparked that fire. >>> as we mentioned, all eyes now on the nba. a news conference scheduled for 2:00 p.m. eastern. what will they do about donald sterling? a suspension? will they toss him from the league all together for his alleged racial comments? coming up, we'll delve into this debate. a lot of issues at stake here. the league could be changed forever. what you wear to bed is y
and restricting licenses for certain u.s. exports to russia. ukraine,ensions in the the u.s. and european union have imposed new sanctions on russia. the national basketball association is set to announce its response today to the racist comments of los angeles clippers owner donald sterling. emerged friday, sterling lambastes his girlfriend for posting a picture with nba legend magic johnson and not to post pictures associated with black people. >> we will get reaction from the nations sports columnist dave zirin. theont is poised to become first day to require the labeling of gmos. >> we do not want to continue to be guinea pigs. we want to have a choice. >> we will speak with vermont state senator david zuckerman. he is also an organic farmer. all that and more coming up. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the white house is releasing a new set of guidelines to address the epidemic of sexual assault on college campuses. a new task force report urges colleges to report anonymous surveys and adopt proven strategies for combating assault. the
on what's ahead. >> the u.s. took new action against russia for its role in the crisis in ukraine. >> did these sanctions freeze the assets of 17 companies companies? >> we have not seen comparable efforts. >> our goal is not to hurt the russian people. policy. >> iraq study group s at risk of becoming an apartheid state according to secretary of state john kerry. >> anybody who understands what apartheid s wouldn't make such a comment. >> secretary kerry has proven himself unsuitable to the position he holds. >> the sports world and beyond reacting to racist comments by the owner of the la clippers: . >> we begin with a diplomatic firestorm in the middle east. the starter, secretary of state john kerry who told th rtrlitra -- try lat tral t that unless they moved to a two-state solution, with peace talks scheduled to end tuesday, kerry said a 2-state collusion will be clearly underscored as the only reel alternative because a unitary state winds up being an apartheid state with second-class citizens or a state that destroys the capacity for israel to be a jewish state. condemnation of ke
of the situation in russia? >> mr. putin is salvaging a failure. he lost control of ukraine in the revolution that overthrew viktor yanukovych. crimea was a consolation prize. now what he is trying to do is by intimidating and disrupting the political process in ukraine, to loosen kiev's control over the country. what he is trying to do right now is to destabilize the political process so that you end up with such a decentralized ukraine that russia can control it in a way that he controls the whole -- controlled the whole of it after the revolution. >> ariel roubini thinks things will get worse and -- before they get better. you agree? 10,n a scale of one to ukraine is at seven and getting higher as far as the chance of what he termed a hot war is. >> that would be a very risky option for putin. the squeeze of economic sanctions in energy and financial sectors has not been put on yet. i don't think he needs to do more than he is doing. disruption, acting as provocateur -- it would be a very risky option for him to mount a full-blown invasion. i think that would force the germans into backing
according to the president calls cooperation has been established between kazakhstan russia melrose businessman in three countries open joint ventures students can study of any receipt and ordinary students and equal rights to employment. someone is too much to do this. heroes is going to congress considers that it is a valid on the twentieth anniversary of its establishment as when the sun historical agreement on establishment of this integration association austin are still a country show their interest economic potential is very high the problem of the economies of the three countries will amount to two point two trillion dollars billabong of investor production to three countries will make one point five trillion us dollars to a specialist dusty or asian economic integration provides us with the overall strategic advantage properties events in general we see huge positive role specific result of eurasia integration process. we'll check in with the numbers comparable to perform such vocal about the removal of the eurasian economic unit revival of the soviet union and people shoul
an independent state. ukraine and the u.s. blame russia for stirring up unrest here and helping the insurgents, and there are many people here who agree. they want a unified ukraine, resent russian interference and are making their voices heard. we met a pro government activist delivering razor wire to a national guard base in donetsk. the nearby base was attacked by separatist and he told us the troops here are nervous. could there be a civil war here? >> when they sent russian troops in ukraine. without russian russian army, we will not have a civil war. >> reporter: russia denies any involvement in the insurgency here and instead blames the u.s. for backing ukraine's government and causing the unrest. norah. >> all right, holly, thank you. >>> it is 7:19. ahead on "cbs this morning" we're there as a neighbor rescues a ,, >>> the offshore winds kicking into the gear overnight. looks like the hot wave has begun. in fact today these temperatures really going to soar starting out a little cool in the 40s and the 50s but beautiful out there right now to the coastline. going to be warm to hot by
name it, and russia as well. >> and what is the, you have raised a number of point, the t and let me address them. for example, with the president's strategy, we put a deal in place to remove syria's chemical weapons, and no shots fired, and killed suspected terrorists with the drone, and hasn't there been several examples that show that this sort of policy not only can work, but does it without any crazy expense or the loss of life. >> well, in terms of the loss of life, there have been thousands of more syrians killed using chemical weapons, and so when the administration leads from behind, and allows russia the lead syria with chemical weapons, we have seen it does not work there. in terms of iran, right now, iran got exactly what they wanted, sanctions removed, relief of the sanction, and they got access to the additional $7 billion of previously frozen assets, and so far, i have not seen the kind of results that we need in the united states in terms of the nuclear armed iran. >> let me go back if we can, because you brought up the sanction, and today, the european union brought
this is the ninety six and brussels partner sanctions against russia on the ground to a russian separatists extend the trip the buildings and tensions remain high in june. as d day comes and it is without a peace deal in the middle east the american secretary of state seeks to diffuser out with israel over allegations he warned it could become an apartheid state. and it was time for fraud says prime minister might add about thirty edt in his address and what he calls encouraging extension from the opposition seeks to that problem. the team continue racing. when considering its share of calls but after russia's deputy foreign minister has said there is no reason to fear or russia will seek to repeat the crimea cru in south eastern ukraine sergei free up call for speaking in the wake of fresh sanctions announced by washington and brussels the european union has just released a list of fifteen politicians and meet readers that it will subject to us that freezes and travel bans washington has unveiled a rough to extend sanctions against moscow. seven more individuals with his ties to the russian presi
. on the list is the current director of russia's intelligence agency, and valerie, the first deputy minister of defense and the army general in charge of the deployment of russian troops along the ukrainian border. >>> the new list announced by brussels includes 15 individuals, 9 of whom are russian. some of them are political like the deputy chair of the lower house of parliament here in russia who was instrumental in starting legislation to inkorea grate the crimea region into the russian federation. others are military, like russia's deputy defense minister and chief of the armed services. they said brussels is doing the bidding of washington with unfriendly gestures. the deputy foreign minister said it is a repeat of 1949 when the west imposed what he calls an iron curtain on the soviet union and other nations. the ministry has said it is ready to respond, but won't rush its response. commentators have generally said it's clear both the eu and us are holding back and not going as far as they could. basically they are going after people linked to vladimir putin not after the big firms the
kind of exogenous event, could be something as simple as russia ukraine becoming more difficult. >> okay. >> don't know. something out of the ordinary. >> i wondered if you were going to say growth is disappointing and perhaps won't get the growth the market assumed. if you look at what's happening in the market you have strong rotation. we've spoken many times about the high flying tech stocks, biotech, social media, that have lost a huge amount of value but you see weakness in housing. in financials. economically sensitive areas, the utility index is pushing up towards an all-time high. what do you do with that rotation? do you follow through? >> well, we look at the individual companies and their own valuations. so we think that some of the high flyers, which have come down, are still at fairly lofty valuations and hard to justify. we contrast that with other old technology dinosaurs like microsoft, cisco, hewlett-packard, where their actual results have been quite good and their valuations are very attractive. so we wouldn't necessarily look at the rotation in a kind of a se
sanctions against russia, an investigation into corruption gets under way. the opulent home filled with suits of armor. there was a golf course on the outside. dozens of antique cars and a massive riverboat and more. >> reporter: when ukraine comes to terms with the troubled economy and asks where did all of the money go? here is part of the answer. the president's own vodka. >> today the u.s. attorney general will participate in a forum in britain to help identify, trace and recover proceeds of corruption stolen by the former ukrainian regime. an interesting exercise since the guy who used to live in that palace is now protected in russia. matthew chance joins us from washington. what are the russians saying about this? >> reporter: there's been no official reaction of course to this. you're right the ousted former president of ukraine does indeed live somewhere in the moscow region. you know what? i think many russians see this exercise, however valiant it is, as being something of double standards. yes, okay. it may be worthy to look for the stolen assets of this regime but will
sanctions for russia today and more outrage from moscow. russia is condemning what it calls iron curtain sanctions. the u.s. has imposed on seven russian individuals and 17 companies with close personal ties to president vladimir putin. today the european union added 15 names to its own list of figures close to the kremlin. meanwhile the obama administration is defending itself against bipartisan criticism in congress that it's not doing more. treasury secretary jack lew spoke to nbc's andrea mitchell. here's what he had to say. >> sanctions are doing what sanctions can do. they're affecting the russian economy. obviously we've made clear that we're prepared to take more steps should we need to. one could say do everything all at once or one could say it do it step by step in a way that most likely will be effective. >> germany depends on russia for a third of its energy and would be key to applying more pressure. by the way, german chancellor angela merkel will meet with president obama at the white house later this week. on monday, russia's defense minister assured chuck hagel that rus
characters and access to consume. the eye. they say its us wants fresh sanctions against russia for its actions in ukraine the masters including assets creases and hit the dance acts seven russian individuals and seventeen companies close to the kremlin cctv staff the customer has been following the developments and give this more details among the seven individuals named for asset freezes and travel bans. these folks these are igor section the president of brosnan the russian state oil company the chairman of rottnest was also a knight named annie got a leg up eleven c at the moment of the russian presidential envoy to crimea and dimitri cars after russian deputy prime minister now seventeen companies were also sanctioned i didn't fall into three categories of finance and infrastructure for russia's energy and transportation industries. at thirteen of the seventeen will also be denied us high tech exports. that could help build up the russian military and the americans announced this third count of sanctions us president barack obama has acknowledged that but now with the group will ge
scenario in southeastern ukraine. this as the u.s. and brussels hardin sanctions against russia. on the ground, pro-russian separatists have extended their grip on public buildings. remainsions in donetsk high. the eve of the first general election in iraq since the withdrawal of american troops. 11 people killed and 19 wounded in a twin bomb attack in northeastern baghdad. with no p still in the middle east. the american secretary of state was going -- there were allegations that it could become an apartheid state. >> also coming up, we will be getting the latest in sports. looking ahead to the meeting tonight in the second leg of the champions league semifinal. we will be looking at the list that will infuriate france -- the world's 50 best restaurants, and only four of them are french. we will find out more about that in just a moment. our top headline -- russia's deputy foreign minister has said there is no reason to fear that russia will repeat a crimean scenario in southeastern ukraine. he was speaking in the wake of fresh sanctions announced by washington and brussels. th
. earnings from mark hoping to risk-off mindset coming out of the russia and ukraine conflict. the job number on friday. traders are not taking on a lot of positions ahead of those key economic point. we're back with my guest host for the hour, gregory rayborn of kobi partners. we are talking tech. i am curious what you make of amazon. there strategy to diversify into so many products is nothing new, but all of a sudden investors seem to care. >> i am wondering what was the catalyst. there is a rotation going on. you can see the rotation from a lot of the tech stocks. we are getting a price valuation for growth. i think this is certainly the first time in amazon history that people started to thinkolate forward and are we going to see this quarter 10 years from now, five years from now. is all we are building a huge platform with massive volume that does not make any money? >> are we looking at value versus growth now? >> absolutely. i think there is a huge move -- move towards that. i am not a big fan of balance sheets or was it three. -- wizardry. >> last year it was all about samsung beati
the treasury department's budget and sanctions against russia. we'll have it live at 10 a.m. eastern on c-span3. >> secretary of state john kerry commemorates nato's 65th anniversary and the ten-year anniversary of the european union today at the atlantic council. we'll have live coverage of his speech starting at 1:30 p.m. eastern here on c-span2. >> c-span's newest book, "sundays at eight," a collection of interviews with some of the nation's top storytellers. >> the normal trajectory of escape stories or of concentration camp stories is you have someone who comes from a sophisticateed, civilized family. they're taken to the camp. all their other relatives are killed. they have to behave in an inhuman way to survive. and then they come out and they tell their story about a descent into hell and then survival. shin's story is completely different because he was born in hell and thought it was home. >> blaine harden, one of 41 unique voices from 25 years of our booknotes and q&a arguments. c-span's "sundays at eight" now available at your favorite bookseller. >> the fbi says that cyber crime is
a protest at the end of the demonstration for the docket ukraine and russia drive test detected much that is the pits with cops and sticks straight out of twelve casualties on in hospital the divine the condition that affects every other casualties receive appropriate medical into the ultimate home. action include the support of the pontifical club met with difficult people. i keep it together with the disciplines of the vocal during my time than now with about five thousand. what point it appeared in donetsk region the police and tell consul located but to fight us. i don't know when people with weapons seized the police town department. nobody visits to the terrorists during the daytime on people constructed barricades in front of the building of executive committee and in the official stop and direct call the box they did not declare any good marks on the fact that it is a force not just for the so called referendum planned for the eleventh of may the screenings the center of confrontation. the topping up of john of these has already started. but as he presses persona credited by
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